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Stains can be both annoying and stubborn. It’s especially worse when the stains are on a carpet where they stand out like a sore thumb. Often, carpet stains can be in the form of spilt drinks, dog urine, grease, food stuffs, and so on. If your carpet has a stubborn stain that refuses to go away despite your best efforts, perhaps it’s time for you to consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning company in Bolton.

Stain Removal

The secret to removing a stain is to act fast when an accident happens. Wipe off the stain from your carpet before it’s dried off. Be gentle, otherwise vigorous scrubbing will only damage the carpet fibers.

Gently place a towel or cloth into the stain. Do not be in a rush, let the towel absorb the stain off the carpet. Next, you can use a stain removal mixture to pretreat the affected area. Clean the area with cool water and swab again to dry. Repeat the process until that stubborn stain has faded.

Dog and cat urine

As much as we love pets in our houses, they have a tendency of messing up with carpets and rugs. Pet hairs, urine, fleas and other droppings all land on your carpet.  When pets ‘mess’ up your carpet, you’ll first need to treat the affected area as you would with other stains. Then use a stain remover designed for handling pet messes. Avoid scrubbing, rather, just dab the area. Repeat this process until the smell and stains are eliminated.


Kids throwing up on the carpet after feeding, or an adult throwing up due to some unavoidable circumstances; these things are inevitable in any home.  Again, in such a situation, the secret lies in acting fast. Remove any rigid visible matter with a fork; be gentle so as not to pierce deep into the carpet material. Treat the stain with lots of stain remover and dab with a plain cloth, repeat the procedure till you achieve the best result.

Cleaning of red wine

Wine spills on the carpet are nightmares we’ve all had to cope with at one time or the other. In order to remove red wine spills on your carpet, press a dry cloth on the spill so as to soak in as such as much wine from the carpet as possible. Next, soak a towel in clean water and dab the area; this helps dilute the wine effects in terms of appearance and scent. Lastly, use a stain remover and let it rest for about 5 minutes before using another cloth and cold water.

Invest in a carpet cleaner

Professional carpet cleaning companies in Bolton often use modern carpet cleaning machines. Such machines have spinning brushes that clean carpets and rugs, while automatically squirting detergent liquid.

Consult a professional carpet cleaning company in Bolton

When it comes to carpet stain removal, it’s easily said than done. Even with your best efforts, there are times you just have to hire a professional cleaning company. Such companies have the skills and expertise to handle all manner of stains, leaving your carpet spotlessly clean. If you’re a resident of Bolton or the immediate areas, a quick search online will help you pick the best company around you.


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